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At Sartoriale, we are proud to be the exclusive online retailer for Sartoria Chiaia... one of the best-kept secrets of Neapolitan tailoring.

Chiaia Napoli began tailoring at the beginning of the 1970s. Their original trading name was 'Cenzi' when they were headed by a master tailor of trousers, Vincenzo Annunziata.

Nowadays, Vincenzo continues to create perfect trousers, while his son, Gennaro makes the rest of the garments in the company.

Gennaro and Vincenzo Annunziata of Chiaia Napoli

Gennaro is only 29, yet he is swiftly gaining a well-deserved reputation as one of the best of the new master tailors in Italy. 

He is famous for his innovations and rakish touches that he brings to respected Neapolitan traditions.

His modern take on details, patterns, and cutting adds flair and joie de vivre for his younger clientele and has shone the spotlight brightly on Sartoria Chiaia in the world of gentleman's tailoring. 

Today, Sartoria Chiaia not only offers bespoke but also a small-scale ready-to-wear collection as well.

Chiaia Napoli navy blue blazer jacket

                                                                                                                                           The RTW line is made in-house, and to the same exacting standards as the bespoke pieces. This results in a completely handmade garment from the canvassing to the shoulder construction and not least the hand finishing. This level of quality is very rarely seen on any RTW garment: the attention to detail is on a par with top quality bespoke makers.

Plaid gray suit by Chiaia Napoli

If you browse through our selection, you will probably find that the cut is not for the timid. Exaggerated lapels ending in a high gorge are a mainstay. This makes the jackets modern and sexy, without straying into the realms of 70s kitsch.

The construction is always soft and light with enough structure to create appealing shapes. Trousers come mostly normal-waisted and pleated and tapered to a slim hem. They are truly a pleasure to wear, the sharp lines making them formal, while they wear more comfortably than your favorite 'at-home' sweatpants.

Double breasted winter overcoat in gray

This modern sartorial look is imitated the world over these days, however, few makers pull it off in a way like Sartoria Chiaia.

Cut, construction, and finish make these garments easy to wear; you forget about them after you put them on. We particularly like that, with a few exceptions, they use hardcore, classic tailoring fabrics, and their clothes are always weighted to perfection.

Chiaia Napoli bespoke suits and jackets


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