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While dressing elegantly when traveling sounds like a concept of the past, there are certain occasions, which require a well-curated sartorial wardrobe. These may only consist of short trips, where solving the "checked-in baggage issue" is necessary. When packing a suit is not on the agenda, you may want to choose one, which is comfortable for traveling and can be styled in numerous ways depending on the program that awaits you. So with that concept in mind, we picked a lightweight, unlined suit from Isaia Napoli, made of a summery wool/silk/linen blend. The textured nature of the fabric makes it a tad more casual than worsted wool, while the color is just a bit brighter than classic navy. These are important features, which makes this suit easy to combine with other statement pieces in your current wardrobe. Here are the different ways to wear it.


A great look for a summer wedding as a guest. The crisp, white Turnbull and Asser shirt give the right background for the occasion, while the striped knit tie corresponds with the suit in a stylish manner and gives you, as the guest that unique look, automatically standing out from the crowd in an optimistic manner. The dark brown penny loafers from Silvano Lattanzi add another bold yet sophisticated look in order to complete the outfit. Switch up the shirt to a light blue stripe, wear a dark, plain tie and oxford shoes for a business-ready look. By just tweaking a few minor adjustments you can style this look to be your type to a T.

Isaia suit

Smart Casual:

We are major advocates for white denim during these warmer months, due to its versatility and chic factor. On a side note, this look would work nicely with dark denim too. Both the color and the fabric of the suit makes it great to "break" it, to wear it with a pair of denim, like in this case. The light blue linen shirt is essential in the summer wardrobe, just as an understated pair of trainers. This navy Santoni pair is a particularly great design, lightweight and breathable too. Wear this look to a nice restaurant or sporting event with colleagues and we can practically guarantee it will be grabbing their attention from the moment you enter your location of choice.

Isaia Suit


The contemporary way of wearing a suit. Just because you like it. The same trainers pair well with tailored trousers, therefore they work with this suit too. Knitted polo shirts look just great under a suit, presenting a casual alternative to traditional shirts alongside providing you with that extra layer of warmth for the more chilly summer days. They make a suit appear more sport than corporate yet still looking elegant whilst getting through the day in a comfortable manner.

Isaia Suit


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