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While these days dressing down is a usual norm in day to day dress, that does not mean that you should sacrifice quality, style, and personality. With this regard we would like to advise you on a tried and tested combination, which if chosen carefully signals character in an easy manner.

The history of tweed cloth goes back to the 1800’s when the production of sturdy wool cloth started along the river Tweed. Originally used for sporting apparel, mainly hunting, its popularity rose in the 1960’s and became used in the cities as well. The story of denim fabric is a long one, to begin with, made up as a five pocket pant it is an iconic garment featured in the wardrobes of most of us.

The idea of a tweed jacket paired with denim is surely not a new one. Robert Redford in ’Three Days of the Condor’ or ’Spy Game’ always comes to mind. While we think that in menswear it is unavoidable to look back for inspiration sometimes, our aim is to take these ideas and make them appropriate for today's standards. With this in mind, we present three looks where tweed and denim meet in elegant, yet casual combinations.

Wool Coat by KITON 

Selvedge Denim by 3X1

Pocket Square by KITON

Kiton brings new life into tweed through it’s brown/blue color play and sleek cut. Giving the soft construction of the coat, it feels more like a robe, while still looking sharp. The Japanese selvedge denim in a blue/gray creates enough contrast for the coat to shine, while the overall monotone styling adds a modern edge to the look. If you pulled this ensemble off once, you will go back for it all time for several occasions.


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