Travelling Light

You’re in a rush squeezing in all your must-have clothes, hoping your suitcase ends up closing. What if we cut back on some and just pack the essentials? Countless outfits can be made by reusing the same staple pieces. So choose quality over quantity this summer to experience a new way of “Travelling Light”.

Travelling light
A memorable trip requires staple pieces which we can build our outfit around. Whatever the occasion, they provoke appeal, therefore more outfits can be built around the same staple piece. Starting, with a checked blue Borrelli blazer where light blue dominates yet doesn’t overpower. So bringing in a darker blue “Fedeli” polo helps to elevate the look.
Fedeli polos
The contrast of different shades of blue makes an outfit less mundane and more put together. Not only do these pieces mesh well but are also powerful separately. Thus, these pieces can create an entirely separate outfit which is key for travelling light. Dominant pieces are important but equally as important are the neutral tones. Packing a creamy white set of PT01 jeans or a charming neutral blue pair of PT01 pants provides an element of versatility.
Boglioli Blazer
Neutral colours are essential as they complement most colours when put together. Finally, the closing piece is the shoes which can easily make or break an outfit. With shoes, white, black and brown colours are your best friends. White Berluti shoes create a casual vibe hence a great choice for exploring the city. If you like to keep it casual but classy, try a pair of grey Kiton car shoes.
Berluti shoes
Kiton driving shoes
These shoes can dress an outfit up or down. With a fully sophisticated look, for a high-end restaurant perhaps Passus shoes create the ultimate luxury feel.
Passus Shoes
All these shoes are versatile so only packing one pair makes the outfit choices endless. Lastly, a pair of Fedeli swimming shorts are vital but packing a unique kind is key. A light-coloured base i.e pastel blue with white swirls transforms a standard pair into a standout pair. Piicking one standout pair gives you a 3 in 1 look; style, comfort and quality in one.

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