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The Sartoriale mission is to provide customers with tailored clothing of exceptional quality and unique style. A well-cut suit is the cornerstone of the men’s wardrobe, even if the cultural landscape requires us to wear one less and less. A softly tailored jacket and a proper pair of calf dress shoes are pleasurable to wear, who experienced this feeling before will continue to do so, whenever he feels like it.

Gone are the times, when the dark suit was the accepted form of daily attire for most men. The course of „decasualization” of everyday clothing was marked by several important moments in history and is best captured by our friend, Bruce Boyer, in his article ’Dress Up’ over at Fashionable magazines are now questioning the relevance of tailored dress, wearing ties are not required, but only pursued by fans of the sartorial style and proper gentleman. Even so, the tailored wardrobe is here to stay, we should only find the way to apply it to our best advantage.

Wearing the right clothes will always signal respect, command attention and make you feel better about yourself. The challenge today is to set your own rules in dressing, what you deem proper and acceptable for your life’s events. While the old set of idiosyncracies of the classic dress is not always applied today, they present the basic ideas for every man to look their best.

It is not rebellious to „Learn the rules and break them”, it should be the norm for people who care to look good day in and day out.

To learn the merits of which fabric, cut and colors suits you best takes time and practice. To build a wardrobe for every „occasion” is a task not be taken lightly. However, with every step forward, you will be rewarded with a better understanding of who you really are. A way to take care of yourself, to nurture your inner self through positive outward appearance.

If you are already on the road, we have only good news for you. More and more you get into it, the appreciation will only build up. The picture should never be perfectly complete, there will be always new aspirations, ways to satisfy and challenge yourself at the same time.


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