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Robin Hakansson, the author of the Swedish menswear blog ToQuoTe, published a great review about a suit crafted by Castangia 1850, the longest running tailoring house in Italy:

"The year was 1850 and the Savoy dynasty was still ruling over Sardinia and the city of Cagliari. It was where Giovanni Castangia opened his atelier and became the first person to open a tailoring house in Italy. The shop became famous in its hometown for the exquisite craftsmanship and the fabrics it offered, and it has received the Royal Warrant from the Savoy family, the shop was frequented by the Sardinia’s wealthy. With pride and needle, the Royal Warrant was embroidered on the Castangia label, it can still be found on current garments. The atelier became famous outside of Cagliari, first all over Italy, then worldwide. The orientation was clear, to deliver tailored garments where the main focus was the quality of the products. Giovanni was a great ambassador of his house and exhibited with great success on world fairs such as the Turin and the Paris Expo in the early 1900’s...

Read the complete article here: TOQUOTE


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