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Based in Padova, Belvest is one the few companies, who champions the ready made, sartorial suit on the bigger scale. 300 dedicated employees work in the Belvest factory, producing garments of exceptional quality.

The jackets are either fully canvassed or totally unconstructed, fine, hand finishing are a given for all of their products. Fabric innovation plays a great part of developing the garments, using unique blends and weaves from the best raw materials. The styling of the Belvest products shows a great appreciation for the classic, sartorial style, using it as a sort of stepping point. Completed in a superb, modern fit, the Belvest garments are a fine example of the „best of both worlds” philosophy. At Sartoriale, we admire this kind of mentality, we are very happy to offer these exquisite pieces for our customers.

We were fortunate enough to receive a wide range of suits and jackets for both seasons. We particularly like the „Jacketinthebox” line. These pieces are totally unconstructed, creating a natural, laid back appearance for the wearer. You can find the selection on the site in the next few days.



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