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Article: Traveling in Style - How to Pack a Duffel Bag for an Elegant Weekend Away

Traveling in Style - How to Pack a Duffel Bag for an Elegant Weekend Away

Traveling in Style - How to Pack a Duffel Bag for an Elegant Weekend Away

Heading off somewhere memorable this summer? While them long vacations were the norm 20 years ago, nowadays a weekend away is the one that stands out, becoming the trend and desired form of travel. This also means different wardrobe considerations. In the second part of our travel series (see our first article here) we give you ideas for a leisurely travel collection, which easily fits into your duffel bag.
Shirts and Trousers:

You should aim for versatility here, meaning that each top should be able to work with both bottoms to ensure you are looking your best on holiday with that extra touch of fashion sense. Travel wearing the denim, break out the “pleats” in the evenings. 

Travel blazer:

A well-made travel blazer (preferably in blue) is one of the most useful pieces in the contemporary men’s wardrobe. It differentiates itself from the classic blazer by having numerous pockets to store your most important belongings (passport, keys, card, etc.) This D’avenza number, in a seasonally appropriate herringbone cotton fabric, is a great choice for traveling to a beach resort. Both, because it is comfortable and it has them white buttons which scream coastal chic therefore helps you switch to ultra relax mode. Looks just as great with a pique shirt and denim for travels, as with dressy loafers and a grenadine tie for dinner and cocktails we can confirm other tourists may be envying your style.


Loafers of different descriptions will serve your feet the most. Suede driving loafers are great for the airport and walking around in your hotel. A second pair with proper sole and inside construction is required for taking long walks and to attend the aforementioned dressy dinners. No, you don’t need sneakers at all. Good quality leather shoes give better support to your feet, not to mention they breathe, too. 
And by making that switch from sneakers to loafers you may be looking that much more put together alongside presenting yourself in an honorable fashion at your desired event.

Swim shorts: 

A pair of swim shorts could make all the difference both fashion and comfort-wise. Make sure to always have at least one pair with you. There is a chance you might just be diving into the depths of the Mediterranean. Choose one made out of high quality microfibre, we love the fabric Fedeli uses as it dries real quick and can confirm feels mega comfortable. This way getting out maximum wear for them long summer days. Numerous designs await you, so by the end, you may be having to leave our site with more than just one pair of swim shorts for that upcoming trip ahead.



Packing tips:  

Don’t try to fit your jacket into the duffel. Wear it when traveling or fold it casually on the top of your duffel bag. Avoid sharp creases for all costs. (No one wants that hassle of ironing as soon as they land to their destination) The desired way is to lay your trousers flat, place your shirts on top, then fold the bottom of the pants right over. To save just a tad more space begin stuffing your socks and ties in your shoes and you will be all set.

How to avoid sharp creases when packing


The Duffel:

More stylish, than carry-ons, a duffel is probably the most masculine bag a man can own. They invoke old world charm, like taking a trip with a convertible to a magnificent chateau. We like the antiquated look of these duffel bags from Gianluca Vacchi. Understandably, travel bags can develop a “beat-up” look over time, with this one you don’t need to worry after every new scratch. They are soft and light while being durable and strong. Easily fits everything you need for a stylish weekend away whilst roaming the streets of Rome in leisure.

Gianluca Vacchi Duffel Bag

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