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Article: 7 Tips On Buying Tailored Clothing From SARTORIALE

7 Tips On Buying Tailored Clothing From SARTORIALE

7 Tips On Buying Tailored Clothing From SARTORIALE

Buying tailored clothing online can sometimes feel like a daunting task especially when spending your money on a more luxury purchase. While we can only claim that our selection is one of the best, it’s certainly one of the most extensive. Here are a few healthy reminders to help you navigate your way through the site at a more stress-free rate ensuring you will find your items of choice. This way we can guarantee you’ll want to keep them statement pieces in your wardrobe regardless of the time of occasion.

-Cautious reminder: sizing might well differentiate depending on the brand of choice. To evaluate an item, please do check the product measurement chart first to ensure the clothes you have ordered live up to there meaningful standard. We measure the garments laid flat on an even surface in order to gain precise measurements for our customer's benefit.

How we measure:

-Tailored clothing needs to be altered in most cases. Don’t expect your suit to fit properly off the rack! Trouser hems and jacket sleeves are left unfinished on purpose, to be adjusted by an expert tailor for the best possible length. Taking, or letting out the waist and the back is also often a necessary step you may have to take on board.


- Leading us to the point of finding a good alteration tailor locally. Expert hands can correct most fitting issues allowing for a perfectly matching fit.


-Allow approximately 10% of the buying price for alteration costs.


-Learn about our return policy, to avoid any inconvenience or mishaps (30-day returns).


-If you are in doubt about a purchase, do get in contact with our customer care, to clear any questions regarding style, fit or practical issues in order to avoid any further miscommunication from occurring.

-Folded and protected - We fold our jackets with an age-old technique practiced by tailors all over the world. It helps to keep the shape of the front and the shoulders that much more fitted, ready for immediate use if desired by the customer.

how to fold a suit

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