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Article: How to dress for the Xmas holidays: Menswear ideas

How to dress for the Xmas holidays: Menswear ideas

How to dress for the Xmas holidays: Menswear ideas

What should you wear for the Christmas family dinner?

The holidays are all about comfort and celebration. Depending on family traditions there is a 'dress code' for the special get-togethers that happen over the festive season. 

Menswear designer outfit for Xmas 2016

One of the measures of a good man is how to approach this important celebration of love and togetherness.

Start by ditching your office color choices of navy and gray and jump into the season of goodwill by donning a colorful outfit.

While it is never a bad idea to dress up, it is possible to feel a tad over dressed if sporting a jacket and tie in your own home.


Xmas Sweater Vest

That is why in our opinion it is best to go for 'smart casual'. You can always go with the time-honored classic, the Xmas sweater vest. However, don't feel that you must "full-Xmas"  your outfit by wearing a Xmas themed reindeer motif. Try a smart-ish, warm and comfortable sweater, preferably in cashmere, or maybe the ultimate holiday print: Fair Isle.

Cashmere sweaters for men winter 2016

Left: Purple cashmere sweater by Brunello Cuccinelli

Middle: Fair Isle cashmere crewneck, now at sale price

Right: Burgundy Cashmere cardigan by Canessa


Designer Cotton Shirt

To keep the look on the smart casual side, it is best to air that sweater with a button down shirt. White shirts work with anything, but on this occasion, they may feel a little too formal.

It all depends of course on how other family members dress for the festivities.

If everyone else really pushes the boat out with their wardrobe and wants to look their best, then follow suit. Just make sure every piece of your outfit works in harmony, i.e. do not dress up in a jacket, whilst wearing your favourite sweatpants at the dinner table. :)

Men's shirts by Italian designers and Ralph Lauren

Left: Blue casual Oxford shirt by Billy Reid USA

Middle: White arm band Oxford shirt by Thom Browne

Right: Button down striped shirt by Ralph Lauren


Casual Pants

Instead, a good option is to choose a well cut, comfortable and cozy pair of corduroys: bright ivy and earthy tones would work well in this respect.

Rubinacci corduroy pants and slacks

Left: Green corduroy pants by Mariano Rubinacci at 60% off sale price

Middle: Taupe corduroy pants by Rubinacci on sale at 60% off

Right: Navy Blue velvet cotton slim fit pants by Rubinacci on sale


Winter Boots and Shoes

If you need to leave the house, a good pair of boots is essential if you are lucky enough to experience Xmas snow this year. In this case, put on sturdy rubber-soled shoes with a smart upper.

OK, the overall look would be the absolute zenith of sartorial elegance, but when needs must and the going underfoot is snowy, slushy and slippery, Italian boots (as below) with cleated soles are as comfortable and as welcoming as can be.

Kiton men's boots and shoes for winter

Left: Brown suede leather casual hiking boots by Kiton

Middle: Kiton brown suede military boots 

Right: Kiton deer leather chukka dress boots at 60% less than original retail price

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