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Mario Talarico

Mario Talarico is one of the oldest handicraft firms in Naples. This third-generation company has been providing handcrafted, exquisite umbrellas to gentlemen since the 19th Century from Naples. Today, Mario Talarico with his nephew Mario Talarico Jr, follows in the footsteps of three generations of expert craftsmen, keeping alive the art of umbrella-making and continuing to manufacture his products entirely and strictly by hand, in full accordance with the techniques handed down to him through generations. What separates Talarico apart from the few other artisans making handmade umbrellas is that he forges all of his canes himself.

Mario Talarico is something of a legend in Naples. Well into his 80s, he can still be found behind his workbench in a small alley off of Naples' Spanish District crafting some of the finest handmade umbrellas in the world. This fourth-generation artisan workshop still makes their umbrellas completely by hand using the traditional techniques handed down over generations.

Talarico is a true artisan – each umbrella is individually crafted and totally unique.

These umbrellas are very hard to get, and Talarico will not ship them.

One-of-a-kind umbrella entirely made by hand by Mario Talarico, a fourth-generation artisan in the Spanish quarter of Naples. 

These umbrellas are made entirely by hand and finished to a very high standard. The inner of their shades are finished with hand stitching and the steel spokes are manufactured in line with a traditional artisan technique. The ribbon on the shades has a hand-embroidered ring with a particular button, while the tip of the umbrellas is made of a horn. These umbrellas represent the best of Italian umbrella craftsmanship.

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