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In the past 20 years the “SARTORIALE Concept” has been the same: Providing exceptional quality items of all kinds for the best price possible.

 Thanks to our great relationship with selected vendors, we can source a wide array of products, however, in order to nourish the range with one-of-a-kind pieces, rare objects, and hard-to-find bespoke garments, we accepted consignments from our friends and our core customer base while keeping in mind that one must always expect the same quality and experience whether they are buying new or used, a vicuna coat from Attolini, a bespoke suit, or a pair of vintage Red Wings.

Now, we would like to extend our consignment program to our European clients.

Most of us have clothes that we no longer need/want bored of something, wanting to sell an impulse buy, or simply changed sizes, etc. We are here to help! We do all the work for you: photographing, measuring, copywriting, answering questions, processing payment, shipping and returns.

Our fee is 35%-40% depending on the sale price.

Our large client base guarantees a quick sale, at the highest market price.

Buyers get a great deal; sellers turn clobber into cash and the planet gets some respite as we re-use existing clothing. SARTORIALE benefits as we continue to create and sustain jobs whilst growing our unique business.