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Article: Three Ways To Wear Navy Blue Chinos

Three Ways To Wear Navy Blue Chinos

Three Ways To Wear Navy Blue Chinos

Who does not have a pair of chinos these days? Comfortable, versatile and stylish, a true essential for every man. Developed for the military, Chino cloth is 100% cotton twill fabric. It was mostly used for trousers, this is where the name ’chino’ comes from. On the formality spectrum, it sits in between jeans and proper wool trousers. An all around solution, depending on the context you like to wear it for. Here are three ways to get the most out of a Brunello Cucinelli pair from smart purposes to urban sportswear.

1. The Smart

Smart outfit

We all know about office dress codes are becoming less and less formal. This can be good news not only for men, who don’t like to wear tailored clothing but also for serious sartorialist, who like to show off their finely developed ensembles in the professional workspace. The overcheck gingham sportcoat from Sartorio Napoli is a modern interpretation of the classic English pattern. A lovely summer option in a wool/silk/linen fabric. The light blue overcheck in the jacket pairs really nicely with a plain light blue shirt (a true office staple). Tha navy chinos are here to calm the top half of the outfit down, to make the ensemble more office appropriate, while still being on the casual side.

We used slightly fancy accessories to complete the look, plain black shoes will also do the trick nicely. If you have a suede pair in your rotation, you know that it offers a healthy change against your shiny calf options. Save those for the most formal occasions.

2. The Casual

 Casual men style

A fresh, contemporary alternative to the sportcoat/open collar look. The field jacket offers utility combined with style. Casual, yet a chic, a classic remastered for the modern man. Get them in linen for the summer, linen’s obvious cooling capabilities go a long way with this particular model. You don’t even need to worry about the wrinkles, it makes the look even more handsome. The soft sand color goes really well with a chambray shirt, another casual staple, while the soft tobacco brown driving loafers from Kiton give an Italian twist to the look. The key here that each fabric from linen to suede has a textured finish, except the smooth navy chino. It becomes the focal point of the look, creating the same sweet contrast with the jacket, the shirt, and the shoes.

3. The Sporty

Sporty does not need to be sloppy. A suave solution for active types, this look is recommended for killing it on the golf course. If that is not your cup of tea you can simply enjoy wearing it while you are rooting for your favorite team. The blouson is the most luxurious of its kind, it won’t come as a surprise, given it was made by Italian powerhouse Brioni. The same feeling goes for the shoes, a Kiton model, the slightly wider sole is reminiscent of the shape of basketball shoes. The Henley shirt is optional, a white crewneck will do the job just as effortlessly. The navy chinos play a part here as well, making the look more „dressed up”, than your five pockets.

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