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Article: How to dress for The Fourth of July - menswear

How to dress for The Fourth of July - menswear

How to dress for The Fourth of July - menswear

The Fourth of July is the all American national holiday day -  the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and family, show off our grilling skills and watching the big game.
This year, of course, with Brexit dominating the headlines, there will be even more reason to have a laugh at the British!


The 4th of July is a social occasion and we hope it's going to be gloriously hot weather, so what should a gentleman wear on this family day?


How to dress for the 4th of July

There are some big no-no's when it comes to summer menswear choices for social events, that you should seriously avoid if you don't want to give the impression that you have been released from incarceration.
How to dress for the fourth of July
Please forget the tank top, board shorts, and flip flops. Invest some thought into an appropriate casual ensemble for the summer festivities.


Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is always a good starting point for a look like this. Your simple 3-point guide for selecting your polo should be:


  1. Easy colors
  2. Trim fit
  3. Excellent fabric 
(For full details on the beige polo by Luigi Borrelli below please CLICK HERE)
Polo shirt for men by Luigi Borrelli Napoli
If you follow these three simple guidelines above, you will always give the impression of somebody who takes the right amount of sartorial care without being a 'try hard'... and you won't go too far wrong with your relaxed attire.


If you can master all three principles at the same time, your Polo shirt will surely be remembered for 'simplicity with effortless style'. 
Multi-color polo shirt by Luigi Borrelli


Men's Shorts

It is absolutely fine to wear shorts on summer national holiday like July 4th. Just ensure that the shorts are cut above the knee and are well fitting on the waist.
Rubinacci blue bermuda shorts
These solid blue Bermuda shorts from Rubinacci are hand made. They were created with as much attention to detail as a pair of full length pants from the Rubinacci factory in Naples. Right now, these shorts are available HERE in the summer menswear sale for only $53.90


Men's Loafers

Soft suede shoes are the special touch, which gives the look its sophistication. Kiton loafers in brown suedeAs always, never skimp on quality: buy the absolute best you can afford... it's an old saying that you can judge the quality of the man by looking at his footwear.


Kiton definitely know what they are doing when it comes to shoes. These suede loafers, handmade in Italy, have that 'je ne sais quoi' to give any man complete confidence in his stride.


These brown 'driving moccasins' are new in the box and they originally retailed at $950, but are now at $450 only on


Sunglasses and Belt accessories

Finish off your outfit with high class details.
Persol sunglasses
These Film Noir sunglasses by Persol are $210, down from the original retail price of $450... 200 USD for crystal lens sunglasses hand made in Italy, we hear you say? Yes, that's right!


The handmade woven leather belt by Kiton has a solid brass buckle and matches perfectly with the color of the Kiton suede loafers: a sartorial essential!


Casual brown leather belt by Kiton Napoli


All in all, the most important thing is to feel great in the company of the people you cherish. When you look superb, whilst relaxed and in a social summer setting, it's an added bonus, which will make this 4th of July one to remember.

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