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Article: Friends of SARTORIALE: Cristophe Debon

Friends of SARTORIALE: Cristophe Debon

Friends of SARTORIALE: Cristophe Debon


Name, Introduction, Occupation (Short Bio):

Christophe Debon, store manager for Omega watches, previously photographer and before that working for John Lobb & Hermès.

What is your first memory of style?

Philippe Noiret, a french actor.

How would you describe your style, in a few words?

Business with hands in pockets! I can’t claim to have a special style.


friends of SARTORIALE

Who are your style icons?

Yukio Akamine is a well dressed man.

The best style advice you’ve received or given?

Balance is the key.

What is your most treasured item?

A photography from Josef Koudelka.

What you would never wear?

Crocs !

friends of SARTORIALE

What do you do to “switch off” , relax?

Watching Top Gear with a coffee.

Watches, or shoes?

Many of each! John Lobb, because I worked for them for 10 years and Vintage Omega for the same reason.

Your best purchase from Sartoriale?

A nice Chiaia Napoli monopetto blue suit.

friends of SARTORIALE

friends of SARTORIALE

What do you think of the state of menswear today?

Much more people are interested in sartorial men fashion than in previous years and it is a good thing. Young men want to learn and want to develop their own style. After years of denim/sneakers (which I also wear), the well dressed man is back with attention to cut and details, patterns and textures, colours and hues. That’s cool !

Which products or makers excite you at the moment?

Everything with style and “fatto a mano” inside ! I like to see the hand of the man in a shirt, a suit… In this respect Italian sartoria are the best. It is not a matter of holy grail quest of sewing perfection, french are better in this respect, but just feeling that a product has a kind of soul.
Sciamat and Chiaia Napoli have strong personality that I like but it might not be your everyday wear and careful macthing is the key, it might be too much of a good thing with other strong colourful accessories. On a neapolitan regional style, my friend Pino Peluso does a great job and I have many suits from his sartoria.


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