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Article: Best dressed soccer players - How to wear double breasted suits with style

Best dressed soccer players - How to wear double breasted suits with style

Best dressed soccer players - How to wear double breasted suits with style

The world's best dressed footballers show you how to wear double-breasted suits with style.

With the Euro 2016 heating up, we thought it apt to take a look at the most stylish footballers of all time.

It's clear that the preffered soccer players' clothing style is one that  overtly signals 'leading men' or 'alpha male'.

From Pelé's sleek suit to Hidetoshi Nakata's overcoat, all of our subjects are fond of the double-breasted closure. Take a look below to learn about the subtleties of this enduring style staple.



Double breasted suit worn by Pele

Edson Arantes Do Nascimento Pele is one of the most recognisable figures in world football. 

The legend shows, that he clearly has a knack for sartorial style when it comes to double-breasted suits. The sleek DB suit and the Mercedes limousine are beautiful, and they showcase Pelé’s wonderful charisma.

double breasted suit by Bruno Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli’s slim, narrow-shaped double-breasted blazer has the same neat silhouette as Pelé’s suit. It is over $4000 cheaper on Sartoriale than the original retail price.   



It is no news, that David Beckham takes fashion seriously.

After years of rapidly and constantly changing his appearance, it seems that finally he has settled for a more classic manner of menswear.

The above outfit is a clear indication of this. The fit is just right, the accessories are on the restrained side, while the classic blazer buttons give just the right amount of exuberance to the whole look.

Double breasted suit by Sartoria Chiaia

Leave it to Chiaia Napoli to tailor the DB jacket to be full of character.



Hidetoshi Nakata was Japan’s most valuable football export.

Double breasted coat

After retiring he choosed to represent Japan’s most underrated exports to the world: personal style. He became one of those athletes, who became more famous after his sports career.

His smile on the picture shows that he revels in the attention that stylish menswear brings. His self confidence surely stems from the exquisite double breasted coat he is wearing.

Try one of the similar models from from Brioni or Sartoria Chiaia

Brioni double breasted coatDouble breasted coat by Chiaia Napoli





Andrea Pirlo is renowned for his artistry and grace on a football field and for being suave and sophisticated in his down time.

Soccer stars best dressed Andrea Pirlo

For a man who owns his own vineyard, he seems just as approachable as any Italian sartorialist at Pitti Uomo.

Nonetheless, this combination of a tweed DB and denim shirt is as modern as it can get. Casual, yet put together with care, this is the epitome of an Italian menswear sophisticate.

This plaid double breasted jacket from Sartoria Chiaia captures the playful, yet stylish look of Pirlo.

Double breasted plaid checked blazer by Sartoria Chiaia



The owner of the Fiorentina Futball club, Diega Della Valle is known best for his achievements in the field of footwear, not to mention his bespoke suits and sense of sprezzatura.

Navy blue double breasted blazer

Therefore, he deserves an honourable mention in this roll call of the world's best dressed footballers, as encapsulates everything that is meant by high-quality men's style that his country is world famous for; especially seen standing here at The Colosseum... is it possible to be more Italian than that?

Rubinacci double breasted wool blazer

You can get the look with this brand new elegant DB blazer from Rubinacci



Enzo Capo shows off his Italian style

How to wear a tan cotton suit for summer




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