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Article: Friends of Sartoriale - Khaled Nasr

Friends of Sartoriale - Khaled Nasr

Friends of Sartoriale - Khaled Nasr

Khaled is one of our favorite clients. He is a proud dad of two, a successful businessman and a connoisseur of fine menswear. He became a street style superstar under the @sartoriomerta alias for good reasons. His bold, upbeat bespoke choices are unique on the scene, he is a character, easy to be remembered.  Not to mention, that he is also one of the most genuine, humble person we know. Our interview below shows him in an even better light.


Khaled Nasr. I am 36 years old and live in Los Angeles, California. I own a Semiconductor Company with my brother, as well as a perfume import company. I am married with two kids. I have a real passion for bespoke clothing and the time and effort that goes into making it

What is your first memory of style?

My earliest memory is definitely my parents always being dressed up. My parents came from a generation where it would be unheard of to go out in a t-shirt and jeans. That seems to be the regular way of dress for people today. For them, it was always a suit and tie and for my mom, always a dress or women’s dress suit for work.

How would you describe your style, in a few words?

My style is what I coined as “Composed Flair.”
I describe it as being classically influenced but with updated silhouettes. I prefer larger lapels and roped shoulders… it’s a slight nod to the 1970’s too. Fit for me is the most critical aspect of dressing. The price of the clothing has little to do with how good you look, as long as it is fit correctly, you can make it look good. I also really like to play with color.

Who are your style icons?

I am heavily influenced by the people. Matteo Marzotto, Valentino Ricci and Nicola Ricci.  These three individuals, to me, represent the epitome of elegance in menswear and a style aesthetic that I believe is what makes menswear so exciting.

The best style advice you’ve received or given?

The best advice I have received is that before anyone speaks to you, shakes your hand, smells your perfume or hears your voice, they will see how you are dressed. So it's always important to look your best and present yourself in the best possible light.

What is your most treasured item?

My family is my most treasured thing in my life. Beyond any items, it's the gift of my kids that is above and beyond anything I could ever purchase.

What would you never wear?

For me, wearing flip flops outside of the beach is an absolute no no. Living in Los Angeles I see this way too often. People go out to nice restaurants now wearing shorts and flip flops and for me, that is the ultimate disrespect to the place you are going to.

What do you do to “switch off”, relax?

With two kids I don't ever think I get to relax now hahaha. But all kidding aside, I love going to go to the beach here in Los Angeles and just relax. There is nothing better in the world than laying out and enjoying the sun and the sound of the ocean. It is extremely therapeutic.

Watches, or shoes?

Shoes for me. Don't get me wrong, I love watches, but If you are wearing an amazing suit and you have a choice to wear one item (nice shoe or watch) I would wear the nice shoe because wearing horrible shoes could destroy the look of a whole outfit.


Your best purchase from Sartoriale?

A royal blue Linen double breasted Sciamat jacket. It has the perfect color, perfect lapel and perfect fit. Best purchase I have ever made!

What do you think of the state of menswear today?

I love what I am seeing happening to menswear today. There are so many brands and people reviving traditional menswear. Bespoke has come back big-time and only shows to prove that in the end, after all the mass produced items that are pumped out everyday, classic menswear and tailored items will always stand the test of time.


Which products or makers excite you at the moment?

I love the return of the double breasted jacket. I am a huge fan of double breasted jackets and often I am seen wearing them.  It has such a bad reputation but people don't realize that the cut and fit has been updated. It's such an athletic cut now and it is flattering to many people with athletic body types.

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