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Article: 5 Rules for dressing for a summer wedding - Luxury Menswear Style

5 Rules for dressing for a summer wedding - Luxury Menswear Style

5 Rules for dressing for a summer wedding - Luxury Menswear Style

Dressing for a summer wedding as a male guest has some unwritten rules that every discerning gentleman should already be well aware of.

First and foremost, the top unwritten rule for your dress code is, of course, that you should never attempt to steal the limelight. It is the bride and groom's big day and their time to shine. 

However, that doesn't mean that you can't stand out from the rest of the invited guests due to an elegant outfit that makes everyone believe that you are the proud owner of the Bentley parked outside the church.

Men Kiton Wedding Suit

Wedding days will be a pleasure, not a chore when you look the part.

Use our guide and recommendations below to make the correct outfit choices for those weddings that are informal or on the beach, when a tuxedo or dark suit just will not fit the bill.

When it's ninety-three degrees out, Sartoriale's style expert shows you how to still pull off an air of elegance as the best-dressed male summer wedding guest.


How to be the best dressed male wedding guest: 5 Rules

Rule #1: Beautiful Blazer

Leave the business suit in the wardrobe! A summer wedding calls for men to display a touch of sartorial elegance married to a certain lightness.

For any occasion, the best blazer is an adaptable one that can be dressed up with the right slacks or dressed down with a muted tie and shirt or even a polo-shirt/v-neck combo.

But for a wedding when the sun is blazing, a cotton linen or light wool blazer will be your best friend, while everyone else around you sweats it out and loses their cool.

For inspiration, Sartoriale recommends the KITON hemp (canapa) double-breasted sports coat from our blazer collection.


Rule #2: Shirt Simplicity

100% Egyptian cotton is your go-to shirt option.

After that, you can pair up your blazer to any feature from your outfit: an olive shirt that complements your brogues; a lavender dress shirt that mirrors the stripe of your linen jacket; a pink shirt to partner your pocket square.

Add a discreet touch of matched color to sharpen up your wedding style without freaking out the bride. Try this completely hand-made RUBINACCI French cuff shirt or choose one from our selection.


Rule #2: Tasteful Tie

It can be easy to overdo the summer look and wander into cliche. Some may advise that an ascot screams of sophistication, but ascots are also in danger of being a bit too old-school. Additionally, over the course of a long summer's day, an ascot will require readjustment many times when all you want to be is cool, calm and collected. So, stick to a well-chosen pastel tie or a playful bow tie and you will remain stylish without crossing the line.

Here you can push the boat out a touch and show off somewhat by adding some color to the nuptial proceedings through your wardrobe choice.

Add a little exuberance, whilst remaining on the right side of decent taste, to your wedding outfit with a bow tie. Sartoriale recommends the repp striped sevenfold silk tie by Kiton from our lookbook.


Rule #3: Perfect Pocket Square

As with the tie-choice, pochet is a way for the best-dressed male guest to up the style points and inject color, playfulness, and character.

A monochrome gingham or polka-dot pattern pocket square along with a refined rest-of-outfit shows that you know how to obey a dress code, yet still have that certain je ne sais quoi. 

A superb example from LUIGI BORRELLI. For other beautiful pochets, take a look through our Pocket Squares Collection.


Rule #4: Sophisticated Shades

You are not going to be exercising at the wedding, so leave the jogging and sports shades at home, please. Mirrored shades are also a big no-no... you are not a prison warden watching over the chain gang!

You need to find the right balance between Hollywood cool and Hamptons sophistication.

A rare vintage pair from CARTIER crafted from gold from our wide range of luxury sunglasses.


Rule #5: Stylish Shoes

 Again, simplicity is key when it comes to shoe choice. You can select from a loafer, Oxford or derby brogues. Well-worn is not the look. So, make sure that your shoes are well-kept and if necessary have had a good polish to show you off at your best during the wedding reception.

The devil is in the details, so match your shoes to your belt or tie choice. Keep it simple and continuous throughout. 

An elegant pair of double monk straps from VASS SHOES BUDAPEST or browse through our range of dress shoes to put the finishing touch on your wedding guest outfit. 

 3 Piece Belvest Italian Luxury suit

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