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Article: Suits in the movies: How to dress like a stylish gangster

Suits in the movies: How to dress like a stylish gangster

Suits in the movies: How to dress like a stylish gangster

To know how to dress like a stylish gangster from the movies, of course one must reference the back catalogue of Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

The Daddy of all Mafia movies has to be The Godfather (or is the sequel, The Godfather: Part II better?) where Marlon Brando, De Niro excel as Vito and Al Pacino as Michael Corleone.

As they shimmer on screen, it is mostly due to their unforgettable roles, but let's not forget that their mafioso tyranny is matched by a killer dress sense. 

So, let's focus on a few mafia suits in the movie looks, to prove that these outfits can also be worn in real life, without the need to resort to a life of crime.

Vito Corleone - The Godfather

Vito Corleone in Grey Herringbone

A grey herringbone suit is one of the enduring classics of menswear.

This mid gray version by Cesare Attolini is a touch more casual than the usual dark options. However, it still works just as well for business.


The ink blue chambray shirt is a rather wonderful pairing with the suit, creating depth and character. Finished off with the floral tie from Brioni, this is a look for someone who likes to achieve a certain nonchalance whilst wearing a formal suit. 



Michael Corleone - The Godfather I, II, III

Michael Corleone's black suit in The Godfather

 Al Pacino's look is perfect to wear at an elegant evening event when the dress code is unspecified.

A three-piece-suit always conveys due care and attention from the wearer, not to mention the form-fitting silhouette it achieves, as personified by this refined brown version from Isaia.

Stick with the restrained combination of white shirt and black tie. It is a classic, which always work for the evening.

Truzzi White Shirt

Kiton Silk Tie

Alain Delon, Jean-Paul Belmondo - Borsalino 


A lesser-known movie, although Alain Delon and Belmondo are both seriously rakish in it, whilst getting into all sorts of trouble around the streets of Paris.

Their wardrobe consists of all the power dressing moves you can imagine. It is extremely difficult to select just two looks from the plethora of super stylish outfits.

In the end, we plumped for the double-breasted silhouette: a style which can channel the "I am far better than you" vibe.

DB suit: Not only the perfect fit, but the great attention to detail makes these looks very special indeed; to be exact, the quirky bow tie of Delon and the refined shirt/tie combo of Belmondo.

In a trimmed-down, modern cut, these looks are just as compelling as they were 60 years ago.

Chiaia Napoli Double Breasted Suit



Double breasted overcoat: Do yourself a favour, get a DB overcoat! There is nothing more handsome and warm to wear in winter.

Not ony does it work with suits and flannel trousers, but it is also killer with jeans and suede shoes.

Find yourself a robust, thick cloth, wither in glenplaid or herringbone, and you will have a winter favourite for a lifetime.

D'avenza Cashmere Polo Coat

Sartoria Chiaia Cashmere Overcoat



Ace Rothstein - Casino

Ace Rothstein in Casino

Another legendary power dresser from Gangster films was Robert De Niro's character in Scorsese's 'Casino'.

Ace Rothstein was 'the boss of bosses' and he definitely looked the part, being as flamboyant as Las Vegas was at the time.

Wider lapels always help to create a powerful vibe. It is advisable not to wear them too wide, as this can overdo the retro feel.

A dark gray suit like De Niro's Casino look is fairly straightforward: a uniform piece which can be styled to your personality. In De Niro's case it was with a flashy matching shirt and silk tie in opulent cream.

It's great for the look of a casino owner, but we would suggest to only wear this on those extra special occasions!

D'avenza Dark Grey Wool Suit




Suit worn by Robert De Niro in Casino

A gun club check pattern in a sport coat is a fairly complex one. It cries out to be paired with solid colors, just like in the movie.

A great way to make sure you don't look like a canary in a jacket such as this, is to pick a color from the pattern and wear a shirt in that color to retain some consistency.

It's true that in this case, yellow is a rather strong statement, to say the least, but for De Niro, it clearly works beside the pool of The Bellagio.


Cesare Attolini Gingham Jacket



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