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Article: New ways to wear tailored clothing – The fabrics of Sartorio Napoli

New ways to wear tailored clothing – The fabrics of Sartorio Napoli

New ways to wear tailored clothing – The fabrics of Sartorio Napoli

Intricate, well thought out, unexpected: These are all attributes of the clothes Sartorio Napoli uses to create its collections. Luxurious blended materials create new textures, always according to be the most beneficial for seasonal weather. Updated classic patterns and contemporary coloration offer new ways to wear tailoring with ease.

Below we highlight a few favorites from our collection:

Sartorio Napoli by Kiton Gray Cotton Alpaca wool slim fit jacket

The uneven, slubbed texture puts the classic Prince of Wales pattern in a new perspective. Made up as a sportcoat it is a bold, yet versatile piece of clothing. Worn with a crisp white shirt and navy tie, it is a smart look in a casual office environment. Dressed down with a navy shirt worn open and a pair of trusted jeans it helps you stand out even in chicest bars around the world. The alpaca/wool/cotton blend offers is cozy and light at the same time.

 Sartorio napoli peak lapel blazer

A great alternative to substitute your navy blazer. Dark brown is an underrated color for tailoring, this peak lapel jacket clearly shows it’s strength. It is dark enough to be formal for most occasions, which don’t require a suit while being different in a refined way. If this won’t be enough, the cloth is an hopsack woven from the blend of cashmere, silk, and linen. This means that you get the softness of cashmere, the strength and subtle sheen of silk and breathability of linen at the same time. All of this in a weight to be able to wear almost year round, while keeping a nice drape.

plaid wool mohair suits made by hand

When you need to travel to attend board meetings all over the world, a wool/mohair suit like this is required. Mohair has an excellent recovery, which means it barely creases at all, not to mention it is cool and crisp to the touch. The subtle shadow plaid pattern gives another meaning to the fabric when looking at it from a close perspective. Peak lapels give the finishing touch, to fully support the Haute business concept.

Sartorio Napoli blue fine jacket

The perfect jacket for summertime events. Be it the season finale of your favorite sports team or the wedding of a work buddy, this sport coat will put you in an upbeat mood, whenever you put it on. The wool/silk/linen blend wears is light and breathable without creasing too much.

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