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Article: How To Wear A Sport Coat With Denim Jeans

How To Wear A Sport Coat With Denim Jeans

How To Wear A Sport Coat With Denim Jeans

While wearing denim with a blazer or a sports coat is a universal look for men, in many cases the execution lacks both style and credibility. By upgrading this outfit to a higher degree of sophistication there is no question you’ll be feeling yourself regardless of what life throws at you. With that being said, here is our sports coat + denim style guide to wearing your style of jeans to it’s suitable purpose no matter the occasion.

When to wear it:

The trend of „decasualization” allowed many men to wear a pair of denim even in their workplace. In some respect, you can wear a pair of jeans with a sports coat basically any day, but to look right in various settings, you need to be able to employ different practices to gain that acceptance depending on the atmosphere you are currently in. To help you clear any confusion in what we are hinting at, later in the article we will explain three looks meant to be worn for everyday purposes. This way you might just have that inkling to get out your favourite pair of denim and leave your house in a masculine manner sprinkled with a touch of class.

Which sort of denim am I able to wear with a sportcoat:

A nice pair of dark, unwashed selvedge denim will always be appropriate. Match them with chukka boots or suede brogues and button-down shirts especially when you’re feeling the heat an ounce more than usual. This should be your go-to smart option, but a friendly warning which should be addressed is we strongly prevent pairing it with your navy blazer. The lack of any contrast between the garment will make the impression of a badly mismatched suit. By reigniting that valuable contrast consider wearing a chocolate brown flannel for a subtle Italian vibe or sway to that green tweed look replicating English charm.



Washed denim can be also be great, although you need to treat it with a bit of caution. Don’t think washed means distressed for once! While jeans with holes on them look cool on certain celebrities, you better be avoiding pairing them with tailored jackets.The ripped jeans look can either be rocked to a whole new level but can also look quite unprofessional in many cases particularly when in a crowd surrounded by a highly classified aura. Let’s stick to that opaque denim we all know and insist on loving.

How should my jeans fit:

What you’ll want to achieve is a nice, clean leg line, slightly tapered below the knee. An alteration tailor will be a great help, to achieve the right effect, slimming down the hem of your denim. Certain you’ll be serving looks for days on end with no regrets. Regarding comfort, we believe it is a necessary factor to both look and feel good in what you are wearing, otherwise what’s the point! What we’ve learnt through the years is that comfort in denim is definitely possible and by choosing a pair with a bit of a higher rise, this will help in keeping your shirt tucked in, and will avoid the boxers from peeking out when sitting down for a bit of a breather. The struggle can be real but we’ve got you covered,literally!

Which type of sportcoat should I wear:

Look for a soft jacket, without substantial construction in it. You can never go wrong with soft jackets as they constantly correspond well with the casual nature of denim and look comfortable together. As with any odd jacket combinations, optimistic contrasts between jackets and trousers is always a highly advisable one. Various patterns ranging from glen plaid, houndstooth or even herringbone will always serve you well, on the other hand, seasonal materials like tweed, flannel or linen are also recommended. You might be initially thinking that a worsted navy blazer paired with a shade of dark denim may seem like an easier option however when reality kicks in, it sincerely looks like you just had a wardrobe malfunction and accidentally mismatched your suit jacket with jeans. An exception,which is acceptable would have to be the double-breasted blazer, as it screams that you are looking real put together with the denim side not being lost by any means. Preferably edge towards the more washed variety as clear contrast always works well.

 Double breasted sartoria partenopea blazer double breasted rubinacci blazer sartoria partenopea double breasted blazer

What type of shoes go well with the look:

Dark, raw denim is right at home with any suede shoes and brings out the absolute most of both items. For smarter appearances wear a chocolate brown oxford, bringing out a more mature side of you which occasionally should be represented with maximum dignity. Otherwise, a pair of brogues or loafers will also do the trick and be assured that there will be no regrets sparking anytime soon. From the moment your feet slide in you will understand what we mean. For a contemporary look, invest in a pair of white leather trainers. A sensibly shaped pair without any highly visible branding makes for a versatile solution. Extreme branding can lead to a tacky look which is what we want to avoid. Unfortunately the rain can get the better of us sometimes, opting for a pair of chukka boots with rubber sole, is a great alternative to wear wear with denim, even on the days with the worst weather conditions.




SARTORIALE Denim Looks For The Coming Season:

 Tweed jacket look

When thinking about tweed jackets with denim, the first impression that instantly came to our mind was Robert Redford in „Three days of the Condor”. Tweed is great for everyday purposes, rugged but smart, hefty and indestructible.When you don’t have that desire or time to think much about your outfit, having that “go to” tweed jacket is a time and lifesaver in many aspects. A great look for a casual office day, if your co-workers like to look smart and properly put together, you will naturally blend in with the different personalities surrounding you. In retrospect, if they lack care, you can also quite simply avoid being treated as the „fashion guy”. 

Belvest glen plaid jacket 

Certainly a bit more on the fashionable side, but nonetheless an intriguing combination that captures the eyes as it should. The high/low contrast of the cashmere jacket and the washed denim is a trick perfected by none other than the father of American cool, Ralph Lauren.The lighter colors certainly give off an eager level of calmness which blends in perfectly with the scheme of brightness we want to devote our attention to at present. A look like this works best, when you just put it on without thinking.This is more of a brave look which initiates a borderline level of edge to you and certainly will be appreciated by others around you. Whether plans state meeting up with your circle of friends at a bar or going shopping with your significant other, we can inevitably promise one thing. You will be stepping out in remarkable style.

What to wear on an elegant night out when you need something cooler, than business casual or cocktail attire, but at the same time you still want to be dressy and suave? Double-breasted jackets with a denim make for an edgy solution. This way you can be elegant and rock and roll at the same time when considering your outfit choice for that upcoming launch event or a romantic dinner date. If you are not a scarf guy, go for the handsome and understated way, wear a navy wool turtleneck. Both scarves and turtlenecks bring out a mere touch of class and eagerly turn heads, for their style and character.

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