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    Sciamat was born in 2002 as the desire of his founder Valentino Ricci, a young lawyer
    that, together with his wife Silvana, his brother Nicola and his dear friend of childhood
    Pippo, decides to give form to his dream: to found, as a small jewel, a high-level
    masculine tailoring able to be innovative and for the true connoiseurs; a new route of style
    marked by a renewed relationship with the client.

    A tailoring where the suit responds really and only to the desires of whom wears it.


    Sciamat stands out for the originality of the forms and the cut that find however their origin
    in a classical authentic taste, and which are the fruit of the studies and research of our
    concept of dressing that, more than keeping up to date with, intends to synthesize the
    baggage of our personal experience acquired during the years.

    A mirror, therefore, of the history of our life, a sort of “traslatio studii”, that tends to transmit
    the knowledge from one man to another always in a personal way.


    From the persian word sha-mat, “the king is dead”, that means checkmate, our brand
    contains besides the mystery and the charm of the most noble of the games, also a
    revolutionary vein, an offensive movement towards the establishment of the sector, in the
    name of a peculiar refinement and an exceptional attention towards the client.

    Today the clothes that carry this brand are to be found in pret-a-porter in the most
    exclusive boutiques of the world.

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